Will Freemasonry survive well into the twentieth century? I believe it will, as long as, as Peale said, “there are God fearing and moral men;” — and there are leaders. Leaders who challenge, who inspire, who enable, who model, who encourage. And so I say to you my Brethren in closing, what are you? Are you a follower, or are you leaving a trail? Do you challenge, do you inspire, do you enable, do you model, do you encourage. Do you cause others to want to do for Freemasonry what you think is necessary to be done. Can you provide that leadership of loyalty, of energy, a positive attitude, being dynamic, enthusiastic, risk-taking, strategist, honest, inspirational, and prestigious. Can you provide that kind of leadership; so that our Freemasonry will continue to be the most dynamic, the most powerful, the most prestigious and the greatest organization in the world. I leave it with you. Thank you!

Speech given by: M.W. Bro D.A. Bruce P.G.M of the Grand Lodge of Alberta
All Canada Conference. Winnipeg, Manitoba – March 18, 1994

“The genius of Freemasonry is not our Masonic buildings and temples or the trappings of our organizations. It is not our great charities or community activities. It is not our beautiful rituals or their teachings! It is the ‘practice of Freemasonry’ by the Freemasons. Yet we cannot practice that which we do not know or understand. Thus Masonic education is the foundation for our Fraternity.”

Brother Carl H. Claudy

P&E Essentials Index (88kb)
Index of topics by issue number.

P&E Essentials Issue_01.pdf (43K)
Simple rules: Rules of the game based on common courtesy, common custom criteria.

P&E Essentials Issue_02.pdf (46K)
Banquet hall protocol and Proper Gavel form.

P&E Essentials Issue_03.pdf (62K)
Banquet Hall seating, Wands and Grand Honours.

P&E Essentials Issue_04.pdf (70K)
Grand Lodge Visitors and Proper Ref to the Grand Master, and the WM Collar.

P&E Essentials Issue_05.pdf (65K)
Saluting the WM, Grand Honours and the Tyler, plus.

P&E Essentials Issue_06.pdf (71K)
Dress & Undress regalia, and the Sign of Fidelity, plus more.

P&E Essentials Issue_07.pdf (116K)
Conducting The Ballot -pt #1

P&E Essentials Issue_08.pdf (116K)
Conducting The Ballot -pt #2

P&E Essentials Issue_09.pdf (121K)
William Mercer Wilson Medal and The Head table

P&E Essentials Issue_10.pdf (143K)
Masonic Toasts and The Masonic Manual.

P&E Essentials Issue_11.pdf (120K)
Proper Saluting and Why is the Master called ‘Worshipful’.

P&E Essentials Issue_12.pdf (117K)
Dress codes for the Well Dressed Mason.

P&E Essentials Issue_13.pdf (180K)
Conducting Masonic Memorial Service.

P&E Essentials Issue_14.pdf (120K)
Committee of General Purposes (CGP).

P&E Essentials Issue_15.pdf (115K)
How to Efficiently Conduct the Business Portion of a Lodge Meeting.

P&E Essentials Issue_16.pdf (176K)
Placement of additional Volumes of the Sacred Law and Cell Phones.

P&E Essentials Issue_17.pdf (121K)
Grand Honours, The Deacons, Addressing the East and Head Table.

P&E Essentials Issue_18.pdf (169K)
Election of Lodge Officers.

P&E Essentials Issue_19.pdf (180K)
Part 1 – Banquet Hall Protocol and Seating.

P&E Essentials Issue_20.pdf (174K)
Part 2 – Banquet Hall Protocol and Seating.

P&E Essentials Issue_21.pdf (223K)
How Grand Honours be carried out properly.

P&E Essentials Issue_22.pdf (200K)
Draping the Warrant – The 2 Memorial Services – and – What can be placed on the Altar.

P&E Essentials Issue_23.pdf (162K)
Jewels and Pins – Collars – Military and Civilian Medals and Pins

P&E Essentials Issue_24.pdf (163K)
The District Deputy Grand Master

P&E Essentials Issue_25.pdf (167K)
Questions and Answers Booklet

P&E Essentials Issue_26.pdf (163K)
The Committee of Inquiry

P&E Essentials Issue_27.pdf (180K)
The Director of Ceremonies

P&E_Essentials_Issues_28.pdf (194k)
William Mercer Wilson Medal, The Grand Master’s Meritorious Service Award

P&E_Essentials_Issues_29.pdf (177k)
Visitation and a Board of Trial

P&E_Essentials_Issues_30.pdf (168k)
Director of Ceremonies’ Baton, and Lodge Elections

P&E_Essentials_Issues_31.pdf (379k)
Masonic Memorial Services

P&E_Essentials_Issues_32.pdf (359k)
Masonic Dress Codes, Dress and Undress Regalia, and the Worshipful Masters Collar

P&E_Essentials_Issues_33.pdf (265k)
Past Master Protocol

P&E_Essentials_Issues_34.pdf (262k)
Humour – When appropriate during a Lodge Meeting

P&E_Essentials_Issues_35.pdf (296k)
Common mistakes in Protocol