Fluid Mechanics Ambiguous Yet 99% of Electricity Storage in Water Reservoirs

By: Bro. Stanislav Pejovic & Aleksandar Gajic


Basic Fluid Mechanics’ Navier-Stockes equations are approximate; solutions simplified; input data uncertain; mathematical and real instabilities always present. Blood vessels (veins and arteries) are a hydraulic system. Low power pulsations can destroy the structure with resonance and instability! Yet, only mature verified and now applied, storing 99% of electricity is hydro storage, waiting new technologies to develop verify and mature. Therefore, hydro plants safety must follow modern clean variable sources. Clean, intermittent, unmanageable, uncertain sources must be backed up by storage able to accumulate surplus, and return energy when consumers demand it. Hydro storage is of dominant significance as the most reliable and affordable clean storage of surplus of wind, solar, nuclear, thermal, and run-of-river energies. Hydroelectric plants and hydraulic auxiliary systems, present in all plants, continually experience dynamic transients and oscillations which threaten from extreme water hammer pressures and resonant oscillations. However, as there are no simple hydraulic solutions for such complex systems, this article emphasizes that the analyses of hydraulic schemes are always difficult.



Genious of Einstein and Tesla killing the planet Make It Safe to Prevent or Mitigate Catastrophe

Education on March 14th, 2019: Regular Meeting
By: Bro. Stanislav Pejovic & R.W. Bro George Burt

Scenario of our planet’s disaster

The Star War button pressed intentionally or by accident; Tesla’s electromagnetic waves kill people or act on their brains. Other countries (USA, Russia, Germany…) to protect themselves activate their systems similar to HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and HAARP itself. Thousands of gigawatts (1000s billion watts) launched into ionosphere at the speed of light (300,000 km/s). to burn enemy satellites and spacecrafts. Electricity grids blackouts. All electric plants emergency closed. Nuclear plants water cooling system protection from catastrophe do not protect or not properly designed. Nuclear chain reaction transfer masses into energy (Einstein’s theory). Nobody survive or may be just few! For how long they can survive if ionosphere ruined and sun burns our planet. What happens to water?

Remote control of Smart Meters can in few second disconnect selected consumers and transfer gigawatts of energy to Star War systems like HAARP to heat ionosphere at the speed of light. If we are lucky from the ionosphere thousands of Gigawatts not to reflect, it could happen that our planet survives. For this case, the electrical system must be safe. These transients must be safe!

We must protect our home planet this never to happen! Can we do this?



Will Freemasonry survive well into the twentieth century? I believe it will, as long as, as Peale said, “there are God fearing and moral men;” — and there are leaders. Leaders who challenge, who inspire, who enable, who model, who encourage. And so I say to you my Brethren in closing, what are you? Are you a follower, or are you leaving a trail? Do you challenge, do you inspire, do you enable, do you model, do you encourage. Do you cause others to want to do for Freemasonry what you think is necessary to be done. Can you provide that leadership of loyalty, of energy, a positive attitude, being dynamic, enthusiastic, risk-taking, strategist, honest, inspirational, and prestigious. Can you provide that kind of leadership; so that our Freemasonry will continue to be the most dynamic, the most powerful, the most prestigious and the greatest organization in the world. I leave it with you. Thank you!

Speech given by: M.W. Bro D.A. Bruce P.G.M of the Grand Lodge of Alberta
All Canada Conference. Winnipeg, Manitoba – March 18, 1994

“The genius of Freemasonry is not our Masonic buildings and temples or the trappings of our organizations. It is not our great charities or community activities. It is not our beautiful rituals or their teachings! It is the ‘practice of Freemasonry’ by the Freemasons. Yet we cannot practice that which we do not know or understand. Thus Masonic education is the foundation for our Fraternity.”

Brother Carl H. Claudy

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Conducting The Ballot -pt #2

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William Mercer Wilson Medal and The Head table

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Masonic Toasts and The Masonic Manual.

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Proper Saluting and Why is the Master called ‘Worshipful’.

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Dress codes for the Well Dressed Mason.

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Conducting Masonic Memorial Service.

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Committee of General Purposes (CGP).

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Placement of additional Volumes of the Sacred Law and Cell Phones.

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Draping the Warrant – The 2 Memorial Services – and – What can be placed on the Altar.

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Jewels and Pins – Collars – Military and Civilian Medals and Pins

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The District Deputy Grand Master

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Director of Ceremonies’ Baton, and Lodge Elections

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Humour – When appropriate during a Lodge Meeting

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